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inLove is the most intimate way to stay in touch with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. It’s not only free and fun but also completely private and intimate.
No matter if a long distance is splitting you or you are living in the same place: With inLove you will always be close to your fiancé.

inLove keeps all your special moments privately in one place for the most intimate messaging experience. Text, share your location, capture special moments and write diary entries together.
If you get a notification from inLove, you will instantly know that it is from your loved one and nobody else.

• Private messages & chat
• Push notifications from your special one
• Share your mood with your loved one
• Event countdowns: See how many seconds, minutes, hours… elapsed since your first date, first kiss, holidays, wedding day, anniversary, birth of your children etc. Choose a custom background image to make each event personal and unique.
• Share your location with your loved one to find each other quickly
• Write diary entries together to capture each day you spend together
• Save your favorite color, food and clothing size
• Countdown Widget: How many days are you together? Connect with your loved one with a single tap!
• Choose a photo of your fiancé and inLove will adapt its user interface to your loved one!
• Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Download inLove now and experience the most intimate and private connection to the most important person in your life! You will never be apart anymore, you will always be inLove.
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