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“Magic Numbers” application is developed for 2-5 years toddlers and kids. This education app teaches the numbers to your children, increases their intellectual and cognitive skills and supports their mental development with fun methods.

In the app, there will be a part for every number, from 1 to 25. So, Funny numbers app consists of 25 parts. Every part includes 5 mini parts, so there will be 125 mini parts, in total. At the end of each part, the next part comes automatically. In this way, progressive and fluent game play is provided. With the help of this simple game navigation system, children keep going the game and focus on the content.

You can use the lite version of the app to try the first 7 numbers of the app, including 35 mini sections, with your children. If you think you have funny and beneficial time, do not forget to open the other parts with only one payment :)

Some sections and games:
-Counting the numbers and shapes by placing them on the shadows
-Combine the puzzle pieces
-Matching the memory cards
-Connecting the dots to explore the picture
-Writing the numbers
-Counting the objects
-Counting the objects by placing them to the right places
-Counting the balloons by touching them

The professional vocalizing is used in the app. It accompanies the children during the app and supports to the information flow. The children are motivated with the help of positive feedbacks.

Game features:
-Colorful game worlds
-Enjoyable sounds
-Funny interactions
-Positive feedbacks
-Joining the adventures of the cute penguin

You can feel safe about giving our application to your children. In the app, there are not any advertisement and external links. In addition, “parental control” is available in the app. With the help of that, children cannot reach the purchase screen. Only parents can pass the control to reach our other applications and to make payment.
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August 28 2014