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Fight for your honor in epic, exclusive online multiplayer battle! Dragon Warrior is a 3D non-stop action RPG for on WeChat. Start your 3D adventure today!
Fan Page
==== Guild Wars Release ====
Guild Wars are already in Dragon Warrior! Original gameplay! What kind of outcome will it be?
Dragon Warrior Guild Wars feature 2 modes: PVE and PVP.
Dragon Warrior Guild Wars are fought for cross servers! Clash of numerous guilds! Which guild will be victorious?
Dragon Warrior Guild Wars are divided into play-off games and a final. Abundant rewards are waiting for winners!
Dragon Warrior Guild Wars format is 6 vs 6. Unprecedented multiplayer battle experience! Are you ready?
Game Features: 
- Play with or challenge real players worldwide and show off your battle skills– all in real-time.
- Experience amazing graphics and epic storyline. Hi-res textures and realistic models all combine to make this one of the most beautiful 3D world on your mobile device!
- 4 different characters to play: the berserker, the warlock, the archer or the assassin. Choose your characters and fight for your destiny. 
-Upgrade equipment & wings to strengthen your power and show off glowing effects.
-Various daily and weekly events to take part in. 
-Create or join a guild to find allies and fight together to win awesome prizes.
-Talk with your allies & friends in Chat – 1 on 1 PM, guild chat, or chat with the entire world.
- Free to Play! Log in to Dragon Warrior every day to claim rewards and Dark Gold Ring!
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Dragon Warrior!
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