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Master the fine art of monochrome using Photoshop CS, CC, Elements and Lightroom. Discover how to shoot and process everything from landscapes to city scenes, portraits to fine-art nudes, and still lifes to urban imagery.

Photoshop experts James Paterson, Claire Gillo and Hollie Latham present a series of video lessons that reveals the key monochrome shooting and image-processing techniques used by professional photographers.

Convert to mono
01 Create punchy mono images
02 Convert to mono with ACR
03 Black and white in Lightroom
04 Create mono landscapes
05 Convert with adjustment layers

Tone your monochromes
06 Add vintage toning to images
07 Spilt-tone in Camera Raw
08 Make stunning still-life monos
09 Create amazing HDR images
10 Make cyanotypes in Lightroom

Selective toning
11 Six ways to dodge and burn
12 Dodge and burn portraits
13 Dodge and burn landscapes
14 Make subjects stand out
15 Selective colour in Lightroom

Fine-art masterclass
16 Create a fine-art flower trio
17 Gradient Maps in Elements
18 Play with light and shade
19 Dodge & burn a backlit still life
20 Capture urban abstract angles

Street photography
21 Capture posed street portraits
22 How to edit a street portrait
23 Slow shutter-speed scenes
24 Process long-exposure scenes
25 Combine the past and present

Creative projects
26 Create a retro contact sheet
27 Make dramatic rays of light
28 Give portraits a mystic twist
29 Make a surreal composite
30 Compile a baby photo montage

Get the retro look
31 Antique a modern photo
32 Solarise in Camera Raw
33 Turn back time in your portraits
34 Repair old photographs
35 Create a washed-out look

Black & white portraits
36 Shoot candid portraits
37 Convert candid portraits
38 Shoot a fine-art mono portrait
39 Edit a fine-art mono portrait
40 Print a fine-art mono portrait

Mono landscapes
41 Shoot a landscape at twilight
42 Convert the scene to mono
43 Shoot a mono seascape
44 Convert the seascape to mono
45 Get the Ansel Adams look

Cool montages
46 Capture an action sequence
47 Blend the action sequence
48 Create a surrealist portrait
49 Composite multiple frames
50 Combine two exposures
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