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Create an exclusive theme for your Home and Lock Screen! Experiment with the look of your status bar area, battery icon and service dots. Choose unique wallpapers and customize your screen from top to bottom! The artworks are brought to you by Pimp Your Screen, the world's best screen customization app.

Here's how you can create a great Lock and Home screen:
* Choose from a wide variety of unique backgrounds for the top bar
* Experiment with colors and tints to beautify your service dots and battery
* Make the most of the stunning wallpaper collection
* Use your photos as wallpapers to create a more personal Home or Lock Screen look
* Enjoy regular FREE content updates!

Unleash your imagination and spice up your Home and Lock Screen!

Please note: The app provides an easy way to create customized wallpapers with a special design for the bar area, while not making changes to the actual status bar. As a result, you get a unique wallpaper that perfectly highlights the status bar area. Be sure to turn perspective zoom off when you set the created design as your wallpaper.
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