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• Record a story - for your kids when you are away from home, or that they can listen to again and again.
• Record your kids reading a story - to share with their Grandparents.
• Grandparents you can record and share favorites with your grandkids at storytime - even if you are miles apart.
LuvYa Reader Recorder: God's Word. Your Voice. A Child's Smile.
Share faith and fun with kids you love by recording digital Bible stories in your voice and sharing ending them to children.
• Kids ADORE listening to loved ones read the Bible stories, as well as recording stories in their own voice.
• Make memories with family and friends that you’re far from, in a fun new way.
• Give a wonderful gift that can be saved for generations to come. 4 FREE books to begin sharing in a minute!

This is the LuvYa Reader Recorder app and it lets you select from nearly 100 Bible stories, devotionals and prayers just for kids. Then, you can easily read aloud, record and send your selections anywhere in the world. There is a second free LuvYa Reader Listener app that allows the recipient to see recorded eBooks pop up in their Book Shelf as loved ones record and share them.

Download this app for free now and start making memories with kids you love by sharing God's word in an unforgettable way.

How it works
- Download the LuvYa Reader Recorder app.
- Sign up.
- Select a title, tap on it and start to recorder.
- Share to send the title to your loved ones!

Content Highlights
- 4 free titles to begin sharing in a breeze.
- 41 books, 15 Christmas titles and 24 devotions
- New titles published every month. More than 200 books in 2016
- Simple words and beautiful pictures
- Age appropriate for kids aged 0 to 6 years old
- Stories tested by families and teachers
- All content is strictly Bible-based and non-denominational

Send as a Gift for
- Baptism
- Catechism
- Grandparent’s Day
- Mother’s Day
- Birthdays
- Christmas
- Easter
- Other Religious Holidays
- Kids in Sunday School
- Children’s Pastor
- Catholic Priests

LuvYa Reader Recorder App Features
- Quick start and easy to use
- Record the stories page by page, or in a continuous mode
- Record different versions of the same story
- Preview all eBooks, prayers and devotions
- Simple access to contents by age, theme or character
- Completely cloud-based system. The same account can be shared by different devices.
- High quality recordings: clean and sharp sound recordings with the iPad microphone.

“This is a wonderful way to bring God's word to life and create a memory for the parent and child.” - Laurie Ann Lavallee, Director of Children & Family Ministries
“I feel special when I receive books on LuvYa Reader…they were sent just for me!” – Caleb, 7 year old user
“With LuvYa Reader, I'm a part of their learning to read. I'm a part of their life. I'm not someone who is far away and has little to do with their life.” - Dr. Paul Muench, Concordia University

Contact Support Team
Please note that we cannot respond to reviews and feedback here on the App Store, so please use the support email if you need assistance.
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January 21 2016