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With Microsoft Dynamics C5, you can do your bookkeeping directly from your mobile device.

Dynamics C5 is an accounting program that is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The accounting program is entirely online, which means you don't even need to go through the effort of installing and updating. You also don't have to think of back-up – it will be done for you!

With Microsoft Dynamics C5 you can:
• Easily do your bookkeeping
• Print or email professionally designed invoices
• Send electronic invoices to both private and public clients
• Prepare your tax ("momsopgørelse") and financial statements in a simple way

When you start Microsoft Dynamics C5, you will on the Home screen, get a simple and clear overview of the state of your business. Then simply click to view the details of your customers, suppliers, inventory and much more.

• Bookkeeping
• Customer, supplier, quote and invoice module
• Inventory Management
• Project Management
• Fixed Assets
• Get an overview of the state of your business in the Home screen
• Easy search for customers, vendors, and items
• Use your device camera to upload pictures to Dynamics C5
• Export data to Microsoft Excel to share and collaborate with colleagues

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The Microsoft Dynamics C5 app requires that you have engaged with a Microsoft partner to provide you with an online Microsoft Dynamic C5 solution.
You will find an overview of all partners at

On tablets, requires access to Microsoft Dynamics C5 2015 or later.
On phones, requires access to Microsoft Dynamics C5 2016 or later.
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June 09 2016
October 02 2015