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Racing is back!
Think you’re the fastest on the race track? Sure you do! Here’s your chance to prove it. In this game, draw your racing line. Not like in other games where you follow. Here it’s special. Create your racing style (emo or hipster, we don’t judge!). DrawRace is freaking back! Hit your finger (we hope it’s clean) on your device and go ballistic on the race track!

In DrawRace 3 you draw your own racing line. And then you race. It’s so simple that anyone can do it. BUT beware! There is a deep physics engine running things. Tune, mix, develop, think trajectories, learn with teammates and win. The cake might look simple. It tastes good but each new bite offers endless variations! AND did we mention the very best part? You ALWAYS compete with a real player in a head to head challenge. You don’t even need to share the cake, the winner takes it all!

Yep, you bet there’s tuning! Yes we know, tuning sounds so boring. But fear not! If you want gains, then you have to jump straight in the deep end! And it’s deep. 20m at least! (Or something in feet/inches/Fahrenheit for you, US people. We don’t know.) Tune your engine, wheels and that big thing behind your car. (Spoiler? Boss? Anyone?). Upgrade and collect new parts in game and look in awe at your cars that look like… OH SNAP, IT’S CONSOLE QUALITY! (Whatever that means, but it sure looks cool!)

Not those kind of clubs! These are team racing clubs. Enjoy racing, trade parts, talk trash (or other topics) and most importantly: DrawRace! Whatever you want. Race for your team! VRROOOM!

Line up on the grid now!

∙ Car parts! So many car parts!
∙ Use those parts to customize your car to fit your style. (Emo or hipster, we don’t judge!)
∙ Draw your own race driving line.
∙ ALWAYS race against a real opponent in a head to head challenge.
∙ Earn your reputation. Like in real life. This is game though.
∙ Leagues to separate the men from the boys. Yep, you read it right. We do that. Oh and girls too.
∙ Clubs: meet your friends in the club and progress together.
∙ DrawRace TV: watch the best racing action just like on those fancy real life devices.
∙ Roam and see the world. (We have themes!)
∙ Customizationzyz (is that even a word?): personalize your car setup with decals and paints.

An Internet connection is required to play. (No play by mail!)

Oh yeah, and as an extra test: if you read all the way here, please leave a comment and five stars. Ok? Great!
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