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Instantly improve your images with this 50-part video tutorial course on editing images in Photoshop Elements. Photoshop experts James Paterson and George Cairns present a series of video lessons that reveals the key image-processing techniques you need to learn to make stunning photos.


01 Organise your images
02 The Elements editing modes
03 The Toolbox & Tool Options
04 The menu bar options
05 A simple workflow

Get started fast

06 Import photos into Elements
07 Apply quick fixes
08 How to set up your workspace
09 Enhance images automatically
10 Introducing Camera Raw

Organising photos

11 Sort and rate your images
12 Find and tag people pictures
13 Geo-tag your photographs
14 Add keywords to your pictures
15 How to create an Event

Basic editing skills

16 How to fix exposure errors
17 How to get perfect colours
18 The best way to sharpen
19 Improve photos with a crop
20 Add mood & emotion to photos

Advanced editing skills

21 Make rough & ready selections
22 Combine images
23 Improve selections
24 Make non-destructive edits
25 Intelligent selection tools

Essential tricks

26 Edit with the Smart Brush
27 How to add text to your photos
28 Make selected colours pop
29 Remove elements from a scene
30 Make stunning mono images

Common problems

31 Improve skin tones in portraits
32 Straighten tilted horizons
33 Enhance dull-looking skies
34 Replace dull skies
35 Add atmosphere to your photos

Creative effects

36 Make a fantasy movie poster
37 Create a neon light effect
38 Turn your photos into paintings
39 Merge photos with graphics
40 Enhance photos with textures

Do more with your photos

41 Add borders to your photos
42 Make your own greetings cards
43 Upload to Twitter & Facebook
44 Create Facebook covers
45 Create retro image effects

Working with raw files

46 Remove casts from raw files
47 Get perfect exposures
48 How to sharpen a raw file
49 How to reduce image noise
50 Straighten and crop a raw file
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