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The Super Stars are pregnant and need your help to have happy, healthy babies. These celebrity mommies are looking for the best doctor to take care of them, and they came to the best in the land—you! Pull out your doctor’s tools and get to work to make sure each pregnancy goes right! Then, help take care of the babies and get them ready to meet the world at the big celebrity party.
Product Features:
- Monitor the health of each mommy during her pregnancy.
- Feed her and dress her—even mommies need fashion!
- Help each baby be born happy and healthy.
- Take care of the babies by dressing and playing with them!
- Dress up each star and baby for the big party!
Every baby needs lots of care once they are born. Feed them, play with them, and dress them up! Don’t forget to take care of the mommy! Dress each celebrity mommy in top fashion so she is ready to show her baby to the world at the big party!

How to Play:
- Use the interactive touch screen to play.
- Help the star mommy have a happy, healthy pregnancy.
- Take care of the baby when it’s born.
- Dress mommy and baby in the latest fashion for the big party!

Download & play it now, it's FREE! Don't miss out kids!
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