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Help take care of the pregnant mommies and care for the new babies after the birth. Feed & dress up baby to make them happy. Give mommy the food she craves during her pregnancy period

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to take care of pregnant mommies? The miracle of birth is such a special event, and the doctors that help mommies-to-be are true heroes. Do you want to be a doctor too? Now’s your chance! It’s up to you to make sure all these pregnant ladies are happy, healthy and well-fed! With My New Baby Hospital, you get the chance to care for both the mommies and the babies!

What’s that! You get to care of the babies once they’re born? That’s right! Once the newborns come along, the mommies will need your help taking care of the babies! Feed them to make sure they’re all happy and healthy, and pick out cute clothes so they feel really special and loved! It’s fun being a kid doctor at home…and you can do it every day with this game…My New Baby Hospital!


- Help out the pregnant mommies!

- Feed and clothe the babies once they arrive!

- You’re the doctor they’ve been waiting for!


- Choose the right food to keep mommies happy and healthy!

- Feed the babies and give them checkups to make sure they’re ok!

- Pick out the cutest outfits to make babies burst with joy!

Download & play it now, it's FREE! Don't miss out kids!
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