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IMPORTANT: This free download will give you 8 sample entries from the 181 entries in the Oxford Learner’s Quick Reference Grammar. An in-app purchase is required to activate the full grammar.

Quick, clear and easy-to-understand explanations of the grammar you need to pass exams and communicate in English.

Oxford Learner's Quick Reference Grammar …
• covers the grammar you need at intermediate and advanced levels (B2-C2)
• clearly explains how the grammar works
• provides examples that show you how to use the grammar correctly and how to avoid mistakes
• helps you revise grammar for your exams (including FCE, CAE, BEC and CPE)

Key Features
• 181 grammar topics – complementing the grammar content in coursebooks and grammar books.
• Provides over 2000 examples that show you how to use the grammar correctly and how to avoid common mistakes.
• Cross-references between topics - to help build a complete picture of how the topics work together.
• Helps you sound more natural – with over 150 useful tips and pronunciation of selected grammar points.
• You can…
○ browse the contents by grammatical theme or search the A-Z index.
○ create and edit your own lists of your favourite topics.
○ view your ‘History’ to see your recent searches.
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