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Welcome to Gamebooks, where children read and are rewarded! Each Gamebook is an interactive eBook with audio in which young readers unlock games and puzzles as they read the book. Badges are earned for completing activities and reading the entire book, and the reader accumulates points to climb up various leaderboards. All the learning games between each chapter are designed to recycle key language and improve a student’s English skills.

There is a leader board that gives parents and teachers detailed statistics on usage and learning progress for each student. Parents can add multiple children to their console and teachers can track stats for individual students or get a classroom view of progress. It measures the number of books read, badges earned, session times, words encountered, activities completed, and Lexile scores.

Gamebooks are made from the award-winning Dominoes Graded Readers series by Oxford University Press. These titles were specifically developed for reading practice and language skills development for middle school English language learners and young learners.

The library includes the following Gamebook mystery and adventure stories:

• The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
• Merlin
• Zombie Attack!
• Tempest
• Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond
• Sherlock Holmes: The Emerald Crown
• Journey to the West
• Frankenstein
• The Real McCoy and Other Ghost Stories
• Sherlock Holmes: The Norwood Mystery
• V is for Vampire
• The Faithful Ghost and Other Tall Tales
• Conan the Barbarian: Red Nails
• Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four

Download Gamebooks and let your children read and be rewarded!
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