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Revolutionary and visually stunning, RouteGuard App is the spectacular fleet monitoring and -weather app from MeteoGroup.
RouteGuard App, based on the most stunning consumer app MeteoEarth, provides ship positions, routes and planned tracks, combined with weather and ocean forecasts. Wind, waves, tropical storms, pressure, global currents and more weather forecasts are at your fingertips. The fleet pop-up labels show alerts for performance on speed and consumption. The fleet overview table and its details tables shows all the data you need: performance, weather, fuel consumption, speeds and distances, reported positions.
• Navigate the 3D globe
• Zoom in and out and spin seamlessly from place to place
• Pause to highlight particular weather conditions and move easily back and forward
• Search for you vessels and for the weather forecast for any place on earth
The weather forecasts are based on our own weather model: the Nautical MeteoBase, which is the most accurate weather forecast for global marine operations.
RouteGuard is a professional service available to MeteoGroup’s customers only and has been developed specifically to support fleet operators in their responsible jobs. With detailed marine weather forecasts in combination with fleet monitoring produced 24/7/365, all those involved in fleet management now have access to real-time decisions support data on the go.
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October 20 2015