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If you own an Apple Watch then you'll know your iPhone is spending a lot more time in your bag or on a surface somewhere. This is not a bad thing. Unless your unattended bag or phone attracts some unwanted attention that is!

Now there's a simple solution. Unhand Me! is a new app for Apple Watch and iPhone. Activate it directly from your Apple Watch, and if anyone touches your passcode locked iPhone (or your bag) then your iPhone will speak a warning and you'll be instantly notified on your watch.

Not only that, but you can pair with any other iOS device that has Unhand Me! installed to not only notify that device when your iPhone is handled, but also get notified if anyone touches or moves the paired device.

You can even go next level and automatically setup a perimeter based on the location where you activated Unhand Me! As soon as your iPhone leaves this perimeter it will become self aware and start messaging or tweeting where it is and will speak asking to be returned from where it was taken.

Unhand Me! starts working once your iPhone is locked*. It uses the advanced motion chip** to detect if your iPhone has been handled. If it detects something then it will speak a warning. You can customise both what it says and choose between many different voices. It also sends a notification to your Apple Watch. You even have the option of turning off Unhand Me! directly from the notification for times that it has detected you.

Unhand Me! is extremely simple to use. You can activate it either from your Apple Watch or from your iPhone. If you choose to pair with other iOS devices, then you can also activate using another device (if you have permission).

You can optionally tell Unhand Me! to set up a safety perimeter. It will look where it is when you activated it and automatically set this up based on your preferred radius. When your phone leaves this perimeter (and likely out of range of your watch), it will become self aware and start messaging or tweeting where it is.

This isn't a replacement for Find My iPhone, it is a proactive warning system. As soon as you become aware, then Find My iPhone can take over. We highly recommend that you enable Find My iPhone on all your devices.

There's even a complication & a handy glance on your Apple Watch and a whole bevy of optional nerd settings to let you configure things exactly how you like them... should you be so inclined.

We have extensively tested battery life.
For devices with a motion chip (iPhone 5s & higher, iPad Mini 2/Air & higher) handle detection on a locked device has negligible impact on battery life. For older devices without a motion chip, this rises to around 2-6% per hour depending on device and battery condition.

When enabling the safety perimeter and your iPhone has been taken outside of the perimeter and entered self aware mode (as opposed to having perimeter enabled but still within the perimeter), Unhand Me will use background location services at a user defined interval (by default every 2 minutes). Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life depending on conditions.

See our website link for lots more info & tips.

* You must have a passcode on your device.
**5s or higher. Uses accelerometer & gyroscope for older devices.
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